Hello + thanks for visiting our virtual STUDIO.  We like and care about our clients! Since 2013, STUDIO192 has been mindful to deliver elegant solutions with sensitivity to space and those who move through it. We believe all architecture should have a soul + have always thought about the whole. So let's first tackle the question, is the whole greater than the sum of the parts? a quote by Aristotle.

The parts we design are consistent from the graphics - to the signage - to the furniture inside of the space designed. They are intended to work together. DESIGNED - FABRICATED- INSTALLED with a wholistic approach just for you.

Be it using your fathers 50 year old walnut wood for a table or taking your logo into a life size steel letters for your gym, - we care about you!

And for those that are waiting for our explanation about the soul and architecture... come to our working studio + we will show you what we mean!

Dirk + Carol